Program Schedule 920 The Jersey

Fox Sports Jonas Knox | Sat-Sun 3a-6a

Jonas Knox recaps the week in sports, bringing listeners highlights and insights during this entertaining and opinionated show.



Anthony Gargano & Lincoln Kennedy | 6a-9a

Anthony Gargano, long-time local radio host, joins Lincoln Kennedy, a three-time Pro Bowl NFL player best known for his tenure as right tackle for the Oakland Raiders, in this weekend show featuring sports talk and entertainment from two of the most experienced and opinionated voices in the industry.

The Irish Aires | Saturdays 9a-10a

Cead Mile Failte' a hundered thousand welcomes to the Irish Aires Radio program. I guess it's true "what goes around comes around". I started on the radio 32 years ago at 920 WTTM and here I am at 920 again.  

A lot has changed over the years. I played the music on 33-45 records, 8 tracks, CD’s and cassettes. Today, almost everything is digital music. We used reel to reel for taping now you can tune into the podcast anytime People ask me all the time how did you last for 32 years…..simply I tell them, lots of prayer, patience and the fun kept me going. Raising 7 children, presently 5 Grandsons, life is a constant high activity level. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope you like the Irishaires. It is a bit of Americana,  Irish folklore and music that this American girl from Jersey of Irish descent loves! So as Al Brooks says I always say: "keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Have courage Be Kind and Keep the faith!"

The Big Lead with Jason McIntyre | Saturdays 10a-1p

Jason McIntyre, editor-in-chief of USA Today’s The Big Lead, previews the weekend in sports and welcomes the biggest guests in sports media.

Steve Hartman & Brady Poppinga | Saturdays 1p-4p

Television and radio veteran Steve Hartman joins Super Bowl Champion, former Green Bay Packers Linebacker and FS1 Analyst Brady Poppinga to talk all things sports in this entertaining and fast-paced show. Keep up with the games of the day, hear key interviews and get analysis each weekend from this outspoken duo.



Mark Willard & Rich Ohrnberger | Saturdays 4P-8P

Veteran Los Angeles sportscaster Mark Willard is joined by 6-Year NFL veteran Rich Ohrnberger in this non-stop program featuring highlights, instant analysis and postgame interviews from the stars of the game.


Brian Noe & Ephraim Salaam | Saturday 8P-11P

Sports talk host Brian Noe and 13-Year NFL veteran and NFC Champion Ephraim Salaam combine credible takes and unique storytelling ability to entertain listeners and inform them on all the latest happenings in sports.  


Arnie Spanier & Aaron Torres | Saturdays 11p-1a

Nicknamed “Stinkin’ Genius,” the longtime national sports-talk host keeps listeners updated on the day in sports, including his favorite teams – the New York Mets and University of Arizona Wildcats.