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The Joy Of Living is an inspirational, entertaining, informative, lifestyle radio show which offers a parachute for radio listeners, providing relatable wellness experiences to find and embrace their Joy.

About Dr. Joy

Dr. Joy Ohayia, extremely passionate about health and wellness in all aspects of her life, strives to bring that same enthusiasm to others. 

Dr. Joy is the host of the Award Winning TV Show, The Dr. Joy Show – “Your Prescription For Total Wellness”, with a focus on “The Seven Elements of Total Wellness,” comprising physical, nutritional, social, environmental, financial, spiritual, and emotional/mental aspects. 

She is also the host for the new radio show (January 2018) “The Joy Of Living” broadcasting on the dial of 920 AM The Jersey Fox Sports Radio. This show offers parachute for radio listeners, providing relatable wellness experiences to find and embrace their Joy.  We All have tremendous POWER – We Need to Use It.

Dr. Joy is a highly sought after motivational speaker and author of, “Are We Functioning Under Conflicting Knowledge Every Day?”.   This quick read offers a new concept to resolve internal conflict.  She is also the author of “Don't Let "IT" Get You!: An Empowering Health and Fitness Guide for Women.” This comprehensive resource is dedicated to helping readers overcome obstacles to health and happiness.  In addition, Dr. Joy is featured in “Blueprint for Success - Proven Strategies For Success and Survival,” alongside Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard.

She holds a PhD – Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition and Healing from the University of Natural Health, Master of Science, and Bachelor of Science degrees in applied math and statistics, from Rutgers University and Stony Brook University, respectively. 
Dr. Joy serves as a Board of Trustees for the New Jersey chapter of CASA, a children’s advocacy group.

Dr. Joy Ohayia received international award recognition as The 2017 Disruptor Of The Year presented by Whole Life Activation based in the UK who celebrates the achievements of phenomenal women across the globe.

Dr. Joy holds the title of Mrs. Central New Jersey America 2017 and 2nd Runner Up - Mrs. New Jersey America 2017.

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