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Deanna L. Garlic, M.A. is the CEO and Founder of F.O.C.U.S.E.D. Plans, LLC; and Founder and Publisher of Stay Focused Magazine, a product of Focused Plans, LLC. Through her Coaching Business she provides both Leadership Skills and Administrative Management and Support to various types of businesses, individuals, churches and community organizations. Both Leadership and Administrative Management are two areas found to either make or break a business. FOCUSED Plans, LLC has several products and projects that address developing and ongoing concerns of Leadership and Administrative Management within a business or organization such as:

  •  Stay Focused Magazine http://stayfocusedmagazine.com/ a quarterly Christian business publication filled with success and inspiration for your business, personal life and building up of the community around you.
  • Holds contracts to provide volunteer recruitment, training, and supervision for a business or for special events hosted by a business or group of individuals. 
  • Hosts an annual weekend Stay Focused Christian Writers Retreat (the 3rd weekend in April yearly) http://stayfocusedwritersretreat.com/ and periodic writer’s and business workshops/classes.
  • Creative leadership summer camps for children whereby they partner with churches to host this project.
  •  Facilitates a monthly Writer’s Round Table discussion from which many authors have grown making it now an Author’s Round Table.
  • A full list of services and workshops are available at: http://www.focusedplans.net/services.aspx

Mrs. Garlic's background includes a Bachelor's Degree from Rutgers University in Sociology and Labor Studies and a Master's Degree from Eastern University in Nonprofit Management. She was an instructor for three years teaching How to Start a Small Business at Camden County College. Her professional experience includes over 21 years combined of direct service and working as an administrator fighting for children’s and parent’s rights both preventing and intervening in child abuse and neglect matters. She also has over 18 years of experience recruiting, training, and supporting volunteers. The vision of F.O.C.U.S.E.D. Plans, LLC is to see you and your business prosper. They firmly believe that with your partnership and help this vision will surely come to pass and not linger.

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Show 8-13-17

Stay Focused with your hosts Deanna and Edwin Garlic. The topic today is the upcoming 5th Annual Writer's Retreat.

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Stay Focused Radio

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Stay Focused with your host Deanna Garlic.

Today Deanna talks about "Why Everyone Should Write A Book"

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Stay Focused with your host Deanna Garlic.

Guest: Frances E. Penick, DC
Chiropractor in Pine Hill, New Jersey

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Stay Focused with your host Deanna Garlic.

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